• St. Johann in Salzburg: A Summer to Remember

      A playground for families, a cosy small town with all the amenities of a city, a spot surrounded by stunning Alpine landscapes.

      Hiking in St. Johann in Salzburg
    Cycling in St. Johann in Salzburg

    Facts & Figures

    • Hiking trails
      100 km
    • Bike trails
      100 km
    • Summer lift
      Alpendorf Gondola
    • Huts
    • Beds

    Cosy and Diverse

    The day you arrive in St. Johann in Salzburg, you might take a stroll through town: You discover a cute café, sit down and enjoy a coffee and pastry while lazily watching people.

    The next day is completely different: You hike through lush Alpine landscapes, set against a backdrop of rugged mountains, arrive at a mountain lake so clear you can see the ground. You dip your feet in the water and hear nothing but the wind.

    And the day after that, something completely new awaits you yet again. It might be a day full of laughter with your family, or a visit to the world’s largest ice cave, or a stroll through a moss-covered gorge. One thing is for sure: The day you leave, you're already thinking about coming back.

    Two Brits in St. Johann in Salzburg

    We sent our friend Katy to St. Johann in Salzburg, and she brought along her husband Tony. See what the two got up to – and find more information on their itinerary below.


    Katy’s St. Johann in Salzburg Highlights

    E-Mountain Biking

    The area around St. Johann in Salzburg lends itself perfectly to mountain biking – and thanks to e-bikes, anyone can take part. One of 26 specially sign-posted cycling routes led Katy and Tony to Hochgründeck, which Katy promptly dubbed “cliché mountain” – where everything you believe about Austria is true.

    Cycling in St. Johann in Salzburg

    Ghost Mountain

    Leisure and adventure park Ghost Mountain packs a punch: Take the cable car up the mountain and discover more about spirits, witches, and our evry own Krampus.

    Shopping in St. Johann in Salzburg

    The town of St. Johann in Salzburg has all the amenities of a city – including some great little shops. Katy was immediately drawn to the traditional Austrian costumes – after all, who doesn’t look great in a dirndl?

    St. Johann in Salzburg - Children Park
    Hiking in St. Johann in Salzburg

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    Why Visit St. Johann in Salzburg

    • Perfect for families
    • Located in the heart of SalzburgerLand province, St. Johann in Salzburg is a great holiday hub for excursions in the area
    • Combination of city & nature: St. Johann is a quaint small city with varied shopping, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains
    • Just 40 minutes from the city of Salzburg and the German border
    • Amazing mountain panorama and a large network of mountain huts

    Closest Airports

    • Salzburg: 40 minutes by car
    • Munich: 2 hours by car

    Your Top…

    ...Mountain Huts


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    Get in Touch

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    5600 St. Johann im Pongau

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