• Cycling and Biking in Austria

      Whether a challenging mountain bike climb, a leisurely ride along the Danube, or a sightseeing pedal through a medieval city, Austria has got you covered.

      Bike trip on the Traunsee

      Bike trip on the Traunsee

      Austrian National Tourist Office / Leo Himsl
    • Hiking in Ötztal in Tirol

      Hiking in Ötztal in Tirol

      Österreich Werbung /

      An Austrian Summer

      From rugged mountaintops and glaciers to shimmering lakes - get inspired by summer in Austria.

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    • Cycling along the Danube

      Cycling along the Danube

      Austrian National Tourist Office / Peter Burgstaller

      E-Biking in Austria: Top 6 Regions

      E-bikes make light work of those uphill tracks. Our selection of Austria's top 6 e-bike regions are sure to give your cycling holiday a boost.

      Top e-bike regions in Austria
    • Bikepath Duernstein

      Bikepath Duernstein

      Austrian National Tourist Office / Peter Burgstaller

      Biking in Austria

      Biking has become one of the most popular ways to experience Austria's countryside, small towns & cities. We compiled a list of the best biking trails.       

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    Find Your Favourite Region

    • Fisher on Mondsee

      Fisher on Mondsee

      Austrian National Tourist Office / Wolfgang Weinhäupl

      Salzkammergut Lake District Tour

      The "Salzkammergut" lake region in Upper Austria offers a great number of lakes in a beautiful Alpine environment. In recent years it has become one of the most popular vacation spots in Austria.

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    • On Lake Constance

      On Lake Constance

      Austrian National Tourist Office / Peter Burgstaller
      Lake Constance

      Vorarlberg Trail and Bodensee Lake Loop

      Experience the diversity of Vorarlberg's scenery on the bike trail between Bludenz and Bregenz.

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    • Kapitelplatz, Salzburg

      Kapitelplatz, Salzburg

      Tourismus Salzburg GmbH / Bryan Reinhart
      Kapitelplatz, Salzburg

      The Tauernradweg along the Salzach and Saalach River

      Scenic beauty, Europe's highest waterfalls, a visit to Salzburg, and countless attractions along the way.

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    • WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH / Ralf Hochhauser

      The Danube Bike Trail

      The most prominent of all bike routes in Austria, this tour will take you to some of Austria's most impressive cultural sites.

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