Despite being Austria’s smallest provincial capital, this former seat of the noble Esterhazy family and home to some 13,000 inhabitants has plenty to offer.

    Eisenstadt is located in Burgenland province, the easternmost region of Austria. Eisenstadt’s major attraction is Schloss Esterházy (1364). Count Esterhazy initially restored it in the Baroque style, and later in the Classical style (1663-1672). Today the palace serves as the venue for a range of cultural events including the orchestral concerts and operas of the famous Haydn Festival.

    Joseph Haydn, a leading composer of the classical period, left a lasting impression on Eisenstadt, where he lived and worked as prince Esterhazy’s Kapellmeister (music director) for over 40 years. Today Haydn’s white marble tomb can be seen in the Bergkirche (Haydnkirche). Other sights include the Haydn Mausoleum and the Haydn House. A Haydn Festival is staged every year from early to mid-September.

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    Other sights include the Calvary Mountain, Martinsdom (St. Martin’s Cathedral) dating from the 13th century, and the Gloriette with its formerly Baroque gardens that were redesigned as English landscape gardens around 1800. The historic old town has many protected buildings, and a pedestrian-only area with shops, cafés, and restaurants. The districts of St. Georgen and Kleinhöflein are famous for their quaint Heurigen wine taverns, ideal to pass away those warm summer nights... Don't miss the surrounding area of Eisenstadt, where a lush wine growing region offers amazing culinary delights.

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    Hall of mirrors Esterhazy Palace
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    • Liszt House in Raiding/Burgenland


      In Burgenland you will find great bike routes, fantastic wine, and stunning landscapes. Whether spending time in a spa during the winter months or biking around and swimming in Lake Neusiedl during the summer, this easternmost Austrian province offers great experiences.

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